Why Invest ?

Answer- That’s what a lot of people don’t understand. By refusing to invest in something that at least keeps pace with inflation, they are actually losing money. The purchasing power of their money is decreasing, as is their true wealth. Investing has historically provided a way to outpace inflation and grow wealth.

What Should i Invest in?

Answer- There are three main kinds of investments, or “asset classes”: stocks, bonds and cash. … You can invest in stocks and bonds in one of two ways: by buying them individually or by buying them via a mutual fund.

How Much to Invest?

Answer- Predominantly no investment is considered too big or small, the quantum of money is a by product of the time the investor is holding onto his investment. An Individual should cultivate a habit of saving and then making the choices whether to choose the route of Lumpsump or SIP for his Investments.

When to Invest?

Answer-  Age and Income are no boundaries to investments, there is never a right or wrong time unless you find it yourself, starting early will definitely help to a richer financial journey.

Knowing your Taxes?

Answer- Indians are generally known to be people who get scared by hearing the word TAX. Dont worry, its not the way you’re thinking, there are minimal taxation rules applied for investors who are looking at long term investments in the county, the deeper you explore you would find answers to all your queries with Capital Pundits.

What is Power of Compounding?

Answer- Did you by any chance know that Compounding is the 8th Wonder of the World, get excited to know more about how it helps you grow your Portfolio over the years. Our Team of Financial Advisors would be helping you build this 8th Wonder.

How to keep yourself regularly updated?<br />

Answer-  Self Learning is the key to personal development and growth in one’s ability to perceive. Our Timely Updates on Behavioural Patterns during Investments shall help you getting updated, and implement them with all your Future Investments.

How do Long Term Investments Help?

Answer- Investments are like your Life Partner, they stand with you in your Good and Bad, any relationship you form looks for commitment and the same implies to your investments. Long Term Goals are not achieved by Short Term Commitment. There is no shortcut to grow your money.

How do I secure my Future?

Answer- “Buy Right, Sit TIght” – This is the only motto we share with our Clients who look forward to changing their Future. We help in Making a Better Present for a Secured Future.