Mutual Funds are considered as one of the best available investment options as they are cost efficient, professionally managed and easy to invest. Mutual Fund investments are ideal for those who want to grow their wealth over a longer period of time, avail tax benefits and enjoying tax free returns on such long term investments. Investment in Mutual Funds can be done in two ways: either Lump Sum (one time) or through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).

Capital Pundits is one of the known Mutual Fund Distribution House in India having tie-ups with leading Mutual Funds in the country. A continuous effort is made to offer consistently superior, independent and unbiased advice to the clients backed by in-depth research with a motto to provide best services to our esteemed Clients. The organization aspires to be the preferred organization for Mutual Fund investments.


Professional Management


Diversification Of Portfolio

No Paper Work

Hilighly Liquid Nature


Portfolio Management Services A professional service which is often opted by wealthy investors who want exposure to a variety of asset classes and who understand that investment in the market, requires time, knowledge, and constant monitoring. It also needs strong research and solid experience to make the right decision. It’s imperative, that one needs to hit the right timing of the investment. Investors can opt for discretionary services for the investments to be managed by the portfolio managers or they can go for customized tailor made non-discretionary service as per their investment needs.


    Professional Advice


    Transparency Of Investments


    Securities Held In Individuals own Demant A/C

    Online Access To Monitor Portfolio


    Corporate Fixed Deposits are investment options suitable for investors who desire fixed returns over a period of time. This fixed deposits are offered by companies/corporate.



    Low Risk Investment Options

    Rated By Credit Rating Companies

    Reinvesting The Principal Alone With the Interest To Enjoy Compounding Interest Benefits


    Flexibility In Choosing Frequency Of Interest Payout i.e Monthly, Quaterly, Half Yearly, Yearly or Maturity

    Comparatively Better Results Than Traditional Bank Fixed Deposits


    Option To Choose Investment Period From 6 Months To 3 Years (As Per New Comapanies Act)


    Capital Pundits, also one of India’s Leading insurance broking firms in India is licensed by IRDA to act as a broker for Life as well as Non Life insurance sector. It also serves as a distribution partner to all major insurance companies with a wide range of insurance product offering

    Life Insurance, besides being a tool to protect dependents against inopportune early death of the insurer, it is also about providing saving plan that will pay towards higher education of children, their marriage and old age requirements. Additionally, life insurance acts as an effective tool in tax-planning and disciplined savings.

    Capital Pundits also being an insurance brokerage house provides a choice of life insurance products that would perfectly suit well into the Clients needs. Having the right experience, expertise and Clients’ trust, makes Capital Pundits a preferred choice for Life Insurance needs. Every Client is offered an optimal alternative available in the market, ensuring that all the insurance requirements of the Clients are covered in that solution.

    Health is an integral part of our lives. Hence it is imperative for individuals to protect their health and also insure it against any unforeseen situations which might incur huge medical expenses. Keeping this in mind, the Health insurance services offered at Capital Pundits are quiet in line with the decision that needs to be taken by its clients when it comes to Health/Medical insurance.

    At Capital Pundits, a dedicated team looks after the insuree’s needs and ensures that the insurance solution provided meets its requirement in an optimal manner.

    Clients’ and their family’s need is the prime focus when it comes to offering a solution. Hence one can be assured of a suitable and convenient plan that is proposed to them.

    Capital Pundits also provides a wide range of General Insurance products that suit Clients’ requirements. It offers research based advice which helps to secure and protect the assets from a calamity or disaster. It is backed by a technical team of meticulous experts and is quite capable of handling both large insurance portfolios as well as retail Clients. All cover recommendations are proposed only after accomplishment of inspections, scrutiny of existing insurance portfolio and ascertain areas for optimization of cover and pricing.


    Capital Pundits offers end-to-end equity solutions to individual Investors and active Traders serving them with quality advice on individual stocks, sector trends and investment strategy.



    The Value Picks & Investment Ideas (Recommended Stock Basket) identified by the Fundamental Research Team are packaged and communicated to our clients depending upon their profile by our Equity Sales & Advisory Team.




    Ethical Advice driven by detailed equity research has been the approach and hence this has been a key reason in the gaining clients’ trust. Research and Investment Ideas can be accessed by clients either through designated dealers at the Investment centers, Phone Trade Agents or the website. Clients can also opt for our push services through which we make research and trading calls available on e-mail and SMS.


    Investing in Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs) and Tax free Bonds is now made easy and hassle free. 



    Consistent Rate of returns


    No Tax Deduction at source(TDS) in Demant Mode

    Rated By Credit Rating Agencies determining the level of risk

    Liquidity Benefit : These Instructions Can be Traded on Stock Exchanges.

    Option to Choose Tenure Of The Bonds From The Available Options.

    Portfolio Diversification