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Modern Finance.

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Our Story

Capital Pundits began its journey in the year 2017, we started with a mindset of revolutionizing the way Indians invested their hard-earned money. On various occasions we ourselves did invest in the wrong asset classes just on the advice of a friend or family. This resulted in a sub-par experience and left us wondering, if Investing Money in India was so difficult, we had to change this and we started a company that makes Modern Finance easy for Indians.

Who We Are

We are a group of young and exciting entrepreneurs who are absolutely crazy about the markets. We live and breathe markets at all times. 

Our team comes from different walks of life and have expertise in all asset classes that an individual decides to invest in his/her lifetime. 

Our Core Strengths lie in Stock Broking, Mutual Funds and Portfolio Management Services. We have developed our in-house research software, that helps our clients to stay ahead of any uncertain domestic / international news that may affect their investments. This makes us different from our competitors as we work very closely on providing On Time Entry and On Time Exits to client portfolio.

Our Vision

We aim at becoming Indias Top Financial Service Provider that excels in its Research & Knowledge Base. We believe in the principal of booking profits at regular intervals, the Indian Markets are so dynamic in nature that you have to be on the move with your investments at all times. 

About Us


Stock Broking

We offer the highest quality of research to assist you in your trading experience. We stand out in providing excellent Intra Day + Positional Calls for Traders. Our Investor Clients receive timely updates on where the FII are moving their smart money which allows them to adjust their Portfolios Timely. 

Daily Stock Market Positon Reports

Our Team has successfully developed A stock market Position Report which exactly tells us what the current trend of the stock is and the open interest it commands. This Report is available at 699 per month and is a gold mine for intraday traders. 

What We Offer

Mutual Funds

If you're looking at a goal-oriented investment, look no further than Capital Pundits. Our team has hands on experience in planning all your important moments of life, be it your Childs Education, Early Retirement, Travel Goals, we have it all covered for you. 


Did you know 33 Crore Indians have taken loans in the last 5 years? We need loans to bridge any short term and long-term goals we plan. Capital Pundits has a network of over 800 connectors in different cities of India which offer Personal / Home Loans at Competitive Rates to our clients. 


Insurance is a word that came into prominence when the world was going through the pandemic.

Did you know how under insured Indians are compared to the rest of the world?

People think we only need insurance in case of death, but this is really misunderstood, Learn the things you need insurance for in your daily life ? 


Deep Industry Knowledge

Over the years we have interacted and learnt from a lot of Senior Industry Experts and Veterans. This has led to an increase in horizon and look beyond the traditional and conventional investments that we Indians are used to. We learnt from our experience how on important Customer Service and Experience is. 

We humanize the entire journey of Investing and become like an added family member to you in this experience 

Years of Experience

The Capital Pundits Team has a Total Experience of over 18 Years in the space of investing and growing wealth. We are a young team with diverse backgrounds, who have all worked with the biggest banking, asset management and insurance companies of India. Our Teams endeavor is to bring new ideas for clients at all times and keep pace with the ever changing market conditions. 

In-house Research Teams

At Capital Pundits, we take Research as the fundamental of our existence. We have collated and analyzed over Thousands of data sheets over the last Five Years. This has led to the creation of our In-House Software which we offer to all our clients upon on boarding. 

The data points scan through numbers which clearly indicate the human emotion and psychology behind which they were created. We break down the numbers to the last T and provide an analysis which is much far greater then our what our competitors have to offer. 

Why Us


Our Address

Navjivan Commerical Premises, 5th Floor, Office Number 514, Gate Number 1, Lamington Road. Mumbai 400008

Our Phone No.

+91 8369606415

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